I’ve already shared some thoughts on folks who I think “look like” the characters in the Dark Elite and Chicagoland Vampires novels.

I know everyone has an opinion about “who” Ethan is, from Gabriel Aubrey (who is Jonah to me) to Charlie Hunnam.  But Becks will always be Ethan to me.

I was in New York earlier in the week (and had a great opportunity to roam around the Upper East Side, have a “ladies brunch” with my editor and publicist at Penguin, try my first Laduree macaron, and try a cookie from Momofuku Milk Bar.

I also passed by the H&M store on Fifth Avenue, which was all about Beckham.

Or should I say Ethan? 😉


6 thoughts on “Ethan?

  • He’ll be in a H&M superbowl commercial today! 😀

    I saw a preview of it and couldn’t help but also think of Ethan.

  • Its that “yes, I am contemplating you, but I won’t let you know what I am thinking” (and from under the long eyelashes) look, that causes me to agree.

    Nonetheless, don’t let him speak because I am certain Ethan’s voice is much deeper than Beckhams (have you heard him????) and perhaps – how can I say this kindly – your fictional Ethan outpaces him in the thinking department, too.

    Okay, okay, I’ll just enjoy the view without analyzing!!!

  • I don’t like Beckham very much, even if I have to admit that he’s sexy, but every time I’ve heard about him in TV, I saw Ethan ! It’s harder than me lol

  • I don’t like Beckham a lot, but every time I heard about him in TV, I see Ethan in his place ! Even if, in my head, Ethan isn’t like this =)

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