What Would Celina Wear?

Hello, girls and guys. It’s time for a new feature on the blog inspired by New York Fashion Week, which has been covered in great detail over at Style.com and various and sundry bloggers, including one of my fashion favorites, Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

I thought it would be fun to imagine which runway looks the lovely ladies of the Chicagoland Vampires books would prefer.

Since she is the most fashion-forward of the CV ladies, I thought we’d start with Celina Desaulniers.*  As I was looking through the lookbooks online (only on BITING COLD editing breaks!), I found that Celina was one of the easiest ladies to dress. (Merit, interestingly, was the hardest, but we’ll get to her later).

These are some looks I thought Celina would particularly enjoy:

1. Reem Acra.  2. Carolina Herrera. 3. Marchesa. All photos via Style.com.  Background texture via DinPattern.

* – For those of you who’ve read HARD BITTEN, this is not a hint about future books. She just had good taste in clothes. 🙂

10 thoughts on “What Would Celina Wear?

  • Very funny & clever idea! It seems like all of the characters are real (which they are for me when I read the books), but dress number 3 is horrible! However Celina Style, I guess 😀

  • I’m going with number 3 Marchesa; not my style and I’m sure not Merit’s style but definitely Celina’s.

  • I’m on #3 as well when she wants to dress for an occasion. If she has to do a bit of fighting…#1.

  • Great choices! I really like #2- definitely an outfit that would turn heads. Although all 3 choices are fantastic for Celina- the black is classic, the gold is obviously a stand-out for special occasions, and the coral one is chic and classy!

  • All 3 dresses are gorgeous. For some reason to me, the long gloves on number 2 seem particularly apt

  • while I like those choices (especially #1) I think in my mind I always pictured Celina in classic french design wear.. think Chanel or Yves St. Laurent. Obviously she would go couture.. and given her french heritage, I think she would tend towards french designers, believing that no one but the french couturiers would be able to do it well.

  • I immediately thought Carolina Herrera before I read it on your list….. Expensive is what i think about when I imagine her…. or High Maintenance!

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