What Would Merit Wear?

It’s time for a part two of our What Would She Wear? feature inspired by New York Fashion Week. In Part I, we considered Celina Desaulniers. This week, I thought I’d tackle Merit, our reluctant heroine. These are some looks I thought she might enjoy:

1. Carolina Herrera. 2. Oscar De La Renta.  3.  Salvatore Ferragamo.  All photos via Style.com.  Background texture via DinPattern.

 UPDATEGeorge Clooney’s girlfriend, Stacy Keibler, wore Celina’s Marchesa dress to the Oscars! 

Golden girl: George Clooney is outshone by his girlfriend Stacy Keibler in her golden Marchesa gown at the Academy Awards

Photo by Getty Images. Story by Daily Mail.


16 thoughts on “What Would Merit Wear?

  • The Oscar De La Renta seems fussier than Merit’s simple taste. The Salvatore Ferragamo would make an excellent choice, allowing Merit the freedom to pack her weapons and fight on the spot. But for a dressy evening out, the Caroline Herrea has enough style to allow her to look glamorous, yet pack a thigh knife and walk through a crowd with none the wiser.

  • I think Merit would definitely wear #1 the Carolina Herrera dress. It’s black, sleek, and classy. She could tuck her weapons in some sexy places and be ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

  • Hello,

    She would definitely wear number 1. Merit is not the type to wear anything poofy, unless forced into it. The second one just seems to stiff for her. The first dress shows Merit’s hidden cuteness. She can stash a knife in the pocket or attach it to her thigh. The dress still has enough flow to it, so nothing would show. Enemies would not except anything on her wearing that type of dress. Plus its fun and flirty like Merit. I think the dress shows her personality. She has flirt, class,sass and cuteness that makes one pay attention to her. Also it shows just enough skin to make Ethan’s mouth water.

  • but i think she Oscar De La Renta will bw a nice choice for a good bight whit some good look Master and have a dance maybe a Tango romatic like scent of a woman is my imagination

  • Definitely #1.
    Number 3 is too militant and stuffy and number 2 (my personal fave) seems a bit too frou-frou for Merit–hard to fight within a sea of tulle.

  • Are we talking about what’d she wear to a formal dinner at the Merit’s family home? Because none of these dresses are Merit. Where are the green limited edition pumas? Where are the Cadogan black pants?

    Ethan would maybe pick the Marchesa dress in black.

    Let’s dress Malory! Now that’d be fun.

  • The Carolina Herrera, for sure! Elegant and simple for one of the many parties she’s been dragged to.

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