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I’ve gotten questions lately about who I visualize to “play” the roles of Merit, Ethan, Lily, Jason, Morgan, et al. (You know who you are, Wisconsin!). Today’s installment – the “cast” of Chicagoland Vampires.

Although I absolutely encourage you to imagine the guys and gals you think “fit” the characters best, here are a few that come to mind!

Ethan (CV) – David Beckham

Merit (CV) – Zooey Deschanel. (Image via Daemon’s TV). The pic is actually from Zooey’s guest appearance on Bones with sister Emily Deschanel. Yes, I’m a total dork for knowing that. πŸ™‚

Jill Flint from USA’s Royal Pains is also an (un)dead ringer for Merit, especially when she does the Merit-esque ponytail. (Image via TV Guide)

Catcher (CV) – Paul Walker (kinda) (image via Celebrity Wonder).

Morgan (CV) – Jamie Dornan (image via

Jonah (CV) – Gabriel Aubrey

What do you mean you don’t know who Jonah is? I know nothing. Shut up. πŸ˜‰

Jeff Christopher (CV) – Matthew Gray Gubler (image via Daemon’s TV)

Alrighty, those are the folks I currently have in mind. If a character isn’t listed (i.e., Mallory, Celina and Gabriel, among others), it’s because I haven’t yet found an actor/model/famous person who “matches” my mental image. But feel free to suggest your own in the comments!

20 thoughts on “Cast of Characters

  • I would TOTALLY watch that movie πŸ˜‰ 7 or 8 thousand times!!! You picked a good cast!!!!!

  • I luv your choices. Although, for Merit I picture the girl on the cover. I think she fits the description wonderfully. I can't wait to see how you picture Mallory. I'm having a hard time picturing her when I read the story.

  • I think these are great choices, though as much as I think David Beckham is hot, I don't quite see him as Ethan. Close, but not quite the same. I see Jill Flint more as Merit. Still debating on Mallory. She's a unique woman.

  • I can't quite picture Becks + Zooey together, although individually they're fantastic. And I can't quite picture Mallory either – I kinda think Kate Winslet, but she's getting to be a bit old to play Mallory.

  • This is quite the delish cast. My fandom heart is squeeing over having Matthew Gray Gubler as a cast member. I adore him and his character Reid off CM.

  • I love who you picked for Jeff…I watch Criminal Minds all the time and he would be perfect to play the geeky kid! Love it!

  • Yeah I don't see Beckham as Ethan, not pretty or cold enough.

    Jill as Merit works. Catcher, I get the kinda about Paul Walker, it's iffy.

    Uhm, Jonah…who? …anyway if that's what he looks like..yummy point me in his direction

  • oh I forgot- yeah the model you posted for Morgan is good though I always picture him with longer hair

    and the guy from CM minds as the office geek, that's cool totally works

  • OMG Paul walker as Catcher…can anyone say HOOOOT! never imagined that but now i think i'll be seeing Catcher in a different sexier light (not that he wasn't already).
    I think that the last five characters are spot on. not sure about Beckham as Ethan or the first Merit. she seems mean.

  • Hi, Everibody is so, so, cute, do not know which one Ethan or Catcher …definitely Catcher is more handsome,
    and for the caracter of Gabriel why not Vin Diesel (but with hair)jejejeje… ok good is a suggestion….

  • I get Jason Lewis for Ethan, just, with green eyes. De-lish!
    And Jonah?? Yikes and wow! Bring. Him. On!!!
    The rest work pretty good for me, except I'm seeing someone a bit different for Merit. Maybe if I look at different pictures of Jill Flint than the one posted here.
    Thanks for the visuals!!!

  • i love chicagovamps!!! here, in Peru, me and my friends love merit and also…. ETHAN!!! πŸ™‚ But for Merit… I recommend you to use the girl on the cover… she looks like merit in real life!! a lot of kisses and hugs from Peru!!! πŸ™‚

  • i think Gabriel Aubrey looks more like Ethan then David Beckham. Cant wait for book 4 to come out SOOOO excited!!! πŸ™‚

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