Since my editor is now reading HARD BITTEN, it’s time to focus on other fun and exciting things, including the upcoming release of HEXBOUND!!

HEXBOUND is my favorite novel to date (CV or DE), and I’m really looking forward to its January 4, 2010 release. The upcoming date (less than 2 months!) means it’s time for an ARC Contest and a Blog Tour!
ARC CONTEST: Check back here on Monday, November 15, when we’ll begin the HEXBOUND ARC contest. This time I’m giving away two ARC copies, as well as a ton of other books provided by your friends and mine at Penguin.
BLOG TOUR: It’s also time to sign up for spots on my HEXBOUND BLOG TOUR during the months of December and January. If you’ve got a blog and you’d like to schedule me for an interview in December or January as part of the HEXBOUND BLOG TOUR, just follow the instructions below:
1. Send an e-mail to calendar [at] chloeneill [dot] com.
2. In that e-mail, suggest a SPECIFIC date on which you’d like to host the HEXBOUND Blog Tour. You must request a specific date in order to be included on the calendar.
3. Let me know if you want to host a swag giveaway contest.
Now, some ground rules:
1. Interviews Only – Because of my writing schedule (and day job), I’ll only be able to do interviews this time around, not guest blogs. But you’re welcome to ask any (non-spoiler) questions, or you can interview a character from the Dark Elite novels!
2. Prizes – The giveaway this time around will be a swag pack of St. Sophia’s goodies (and a Twice Bitten bookmark!) You can select the winner, and simply provide their name and mailing address to me.
3. Delivery – If you’re including a contest, it takes 2-4 weeks to send out prizes once I receive the winners’ names. You are, of course, more than welcome to send a reminder e-mail.
4. Scheduling – Once I receive your request for a specific date, I’ll send you a note confirming and I’ll place the date on my calendar. Feel free to including one of the images below on your blog.

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