Darque Reviews + Naughty Editions Giveaway

I’m pleased to announce that Darque Reviews has named Friday Night Bites a Starred Read. Thanks, Kimberly and DR! Ms. Neill has created an urban fantasy world that’s easily believed and a pleasure to visit.  Friday Night Bites is wonderfully entertaining, and impossible to set down.  There’s plenty of supernatural action to entice fans of the paranormal,[…]

Interview and Giveaway!

Alright, the first of the forthcoming interviews/guestblogs/giveaways for my FRIDAY NIGHT BITES promotional tour is at bat. Mandi over at Smexy Books has posted a review of SOME GIRLS BITE today, and tomorrow she’ll post an interview and offer a giveaway… And what, you ask, are the prizes? They include a signed copy of FRIDAY[…]

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