Things I’ve recently learned…

I’ve become a big believer in “fake it until you make it,” and the realization I’ve had over the last few weeks is no exception.

I used to vent a lot about writing, mostly out of fear that I’d run up against (another) deadline and I wouldn’t be able to meet it.

But complaining doesn’t actually help me get anything done. Quite the opposite. Complaining doesn’t relieve my stress, it doesn’t make me work harder, and it doesn’t make me work any better.

I made a vow to complain less. And weirdly enough, once I did, I found I dreaded writing less, too. I’m not saying writing is necessarily any easier, but once I stopped complaining about it, it stopped being scary. I decided not to complain, and I stopped having things to complain about.

Thus, this writing cycle’s motto:


One thought on “Things I’ve recently learned…”

  • Good for you chloe. I will try to apply that mentality to my day to day activities 🙂

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