12 April 2013

Coming Soon

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Devil’s Isle Book 4

June 2019


Fall 2019

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60 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  • YAY! Can’t wait! Thanks for adding this. I keep a calendar in my book journal of all my upcoming buys! 😎

  • I can’t wait for the 8th book OMG ever since I read the dark elite novels you’ve been my fav author AHHHHHHHH can’t wait

  • I loved all your books. I came across the first one and ended reading through the whole series in two and a half weeks. Your books kept me company when I was ill. Looking forward to number 8, 9, 10, etc., etc. 🙂

  • someone on Goodreads reccommend your books. Went into your site on the web and was intrigued. i don’t usually read these types of books, but found that I do enjoy them. Cannot wait for the book coming out in august and will definite get Luc and lindsey book. i am also intrigued by Malik. I would love to know more about his character.

    keep writin these books. I find that i enjoy them.

  • You are an amazing author. I rarely ever buy books brand new or when they come out, but ever since I started reading yours I now pre-order whatever you have coming out next. Your books are such a great read, I normally finish them in one sitting because I just can’t put them down, I always have to know what happens next. That’s why I hate having to wait for the next ones to come out but I am so excited for book 8 & 9, I will be pre ordering those as soon as possible as well. Thank you for a book series that is so amazing!!! I can’t wait to read your future novels.

  • While these books are amazing, when do you plan on writing a fourth book for the Dark Elite series? I’ve been dying to read it!!

  • When will the fourth Dark Elite book come out? I’m curious about why Sebastian has taken such an interest in Lily or if he actually likes her.

  • There should be a new book for the Dark Elite series. That is oy of my all time favorite series ever!

  • i finished the last two books of the dark elite in 3 days…. there r so many sideline stories that hav no ending…. there should be a fourth book to end them…. totally wrong that u hav no plans for another! this was an awesome series

  • Please do another dark elite book I have to know how it ends. I’ve read all the other one and I love your books so please I’m begging u!

  • I Love Chicagoland Vampires Books !!!!!!!! 😀 But Can I Know Who is the girl on the top of the first book ?

  • I am SO bummed that Howling For You is only on Kindle!! Love Jeff and don’t have a kindle–just LOTS and LOTS of books! Am also looking forward to ALL your books!! Re-read them every time a new one is coming out–just to get up to speed again. Keep writing!!

  • Well, I think that anyone could understand my pain right now. I really liked this story,no, I love this book series and Merit herself but… I cannot read more than the second part, because in my country they don’t translate the third part yet =.= And when I saw, that everyone here (almost) read all that books (from 1 to 7) and they are waiting for 8 part, I had been devastated. This is really painful. But I will patiently wait for it, and hope that someone translate it soon… Greetings from Poland ;P

  • I really miss the Dark Elite series, Scout and Lily rocked. I feel like there was no closure with the series.

  • Are there any further books planned in the CV series after book 10? (Please, please, please say yes!!!)

  • I am so very sad to learn there will be no plans for a fourth dark elite book. It is hard for me to find books that I enjoy reading and I found this series and I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • Hello I am so glad the the CV would have 13 books…mostly because I have 4 other books to look forward to read LOL

    Can someone explain to me what is the MASS MARKET EDITION of the first books of the series?? Sorry I am italian and I am reading the books in english to follow the publication dates and I don’t know if this edition is in any way different from the 1st one that I already have

    By the way like always I have to thank Chloe Neill so much to keep wrote so fast that she give me the possibility to enjoy 2 CV novels X year…it is awesome!!!! so THANKSSSSSSSS

  • Just finished reading Wild Things. i enjoyed this book, however i continue to read about this baby that Gabriel prohesized. Will their be a baby in the future for Merit and Ethan/ I certainly hope so. I love them as a couple. i hope this happens soon. Will an announcement be in the next book?

  • I just finished volume 3 of dark elite, plenty remains suspent, we do not know why Sebastian is attracted to Lily, who knows what concretely are the parents of Lily, we do not know the family problems Jason …
    Why are there no Volume 4, Chloe Neill?????
    I think everyone wants a sequel, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • First I’m very excited about the next Chicagoland rlease, and second is there going to be anymore books for The Novels of the Dark Elite? , because I would really like to know.

  • Meraba ben ESRA . Türkiye’den yazıyorum 1-2-3. kitabınızı çok severek okudum. Fakat ülkemde serinizin devamını bulamadım. Bunun için çok üzgünüm. Lütfen en kısa sürede Türkiye’de bulunmasını isterim…

  • I’m really excited to see what happens next in Chicagoland, If there was a way to pre-order Dark Debt I totally would.

  • I loved Blood Games. I have read all the books in the CV series. I’ve been curious about Scott Greg and his relationship. Any chance Scott will get his own story?

  • Hi! I’m just wondering if there will be another book for the dark elite series? Have you decided not to continue with it? I hope not, I’ve bought all the books and really like them!! Thanks

  • Will Hard Bitten and the rest of the Chicagoland series be coming to ebook/ nook format soon? Ive read the first 3 and love them, id like to read the rest on nook as well.. thank you!

  • Hello,
    Will the Codogan medal necklace ever be available to purchase? Or a replica of Ethan or Merits katanas be available also?

  • Chloe,
    The Chicagoland Vampires Series is just AWESOME ! I’ve just read all 11 books (plus the novellas ‘Lucky Break’ and ‘Howling for You’.) in the last month. Now I’m on pins and needles waiting for book #12. What’s next? More chaos to be caused by Adrian Reed, no doubt… And when do we get to attent Merit and Ethan’s wedding??? Like I said, I’m on pins and needles.
    I guess I’ll just have to go read everything else you’ve written while I wait for the next CLV book.
    Keep up the great writing. I’m certianly loving it. Thanks !!

  • ♡♡♡♡I’m going insane not knowing if your going to write more books on Merit. Please say there’s more, I can’t get enough. Meanwhile time to read the rest of your novels ♡♡♡♡

  • I have read all 11books in The Chicagoland Vampire Series and I’m always waiting for the next book to come out now that there is going to be a 12th book I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next. Even though I have to wait a full year that is fine because it just makes me more excited just knowing that there is going to be another book coming out

  • Hi, I love the cv books and cannot wait to read the next one.
    Was just wondering if there’s any plans of stories with Jonah/ Morgan having happy lovey dovey endings?
    Also excited waiting for merit/ethan wedding and baby and ofcourse the Gabriel/ Connor story!!

  • I know you said you have no plans for a fourth dark elite book, but you should consider it. Not only is it on high demand but you also have left many things open for more…I think you could do multiple books yet.

  • I was lucky enough to see you at Comic Con and received an advanced copy of The Veil. LOVE IT!
    Who do you see as Liam? I really need a detailed visual.

  • I really wish that there would be a fourth book for the dark elite series but I’m also excited for the Chicagoland vampire series.

  • I love your CV series. Just got done reading Dark Debt. Can’t wait til Midnight Marked? When does it come out? Is there going to be more with this series?

  • Still hoping and waiting for another dark elite book! I know you said there were no plans a few years ago, are there any now? Is this your choice or were they just not in demand enough? Thanks 🙂

  • Will Midnight Marked be avilabale on Audible at some piont. I love this series have been waiting for your next book. I really enjoy listening to your books to and from work each day.

  • Cant wait for the 13th chigacoland vampire book i enhoyed reading them an had to reread them before midnight marked came out glad there’s going to be another

  • OMG!! I just finished reading the Chicagoland Vampires book 1-12.
    Can’t believe I had those for so long on tbr.
    I’m really glad I finally read them! They are AHMAYZING!!
    Can’t wait for Blade Bound. Is it the final book in the series?

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