19 August 2011

Canon > Chapter Five: Shiver Me Timbers

Chapter Five: Shiver Me Timbers – America’s Houses

Basketball has the NBA, football has the NFL, and North American vampires have the NAVR–the North American Vampire Registry. Sure, the Greenwich Presidium sets the ground rules, but NAVR is the enforcement wing. They register the Houses, the vampires, the positions and generally keep track of all things fanged in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Oh, and they employ me to write this incredibly helpful manual. (There’s a comment card in the back, and I get merit raises. You do the math.)

As of January 1, 2009, there are twelve official vampire Houses in the U.S. Each House (as an organization) has an official “House” (as a domicile) and an NAVR registry number. The lower the number, the older the House.

House NAVR No. Est. Location Current Master House of Master’s
Navarre 1 1789 Chicago, IL Celina Desaulniers N/A
McDonald 2 1807 Boston, MA Will McDonald York (G.B.)
Cabot 3 1864 New York City, NY Victor Garcia Cabot
Cadogan 4 1883 Chicago, IL Ethan Sullivan Cadogan
Taylor 5 1904 Seattle, WA Sacha Petrovnik Taylor
Lincoln 6 1938 Washington, DC Ed Adams Lincoln
Washington 7 1944 Brooklyn, NY J. Samuel Washington Cabot
Heart 8 1965 Atlanta, GA Nicole Heart Lincoln
Lassiter 9 1976 Tucson, AZ Sabine Lassiter Chevalier (Fr.)
Grey 10 2001 Chicago, IL Scott Grey McDonald
Murphy 11 1993 Kansas City, MO Richard R. Murphy N/A*
Sheridan 12 2005 San Diego, CA Lacey Sheridan Cadogan

* – In an unprecedented move, the NAVR, with GP approval, established Murphy House to organize Rogue vampires living in the Kansas City metropolitan area. As an orphan, Richard Murphy was not Commended into a House prior to becoming Master.

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