Found No. 11

Amazeballs. The Bloggess made an amazingly detailed haunted dollhouse. I am so jealous of how amazingly detailed this is. (I don’t have kids, so don’t really need a dollhouse, but maybe there are charities who’d be interested?) Writing. Chuck Wendig on surviving The Days When You Don’t Feel Like Writing (The TLDR: Do it anyway.) Photographs. NOLA[…]

Found No. 11

Goods.  I love these text posters and totes by Litographs. It’s the entire text of the book, beautifully formatted! Writing.  I’ve never been a good journaler, which is probably why I’m fascinated by Commonplace Books. Reading. I read STATION ELEVEN by Emily St. John Mandel in a single night. Absolutely fantastic post-apocalyptic novel with so much creativity and[…]

Found No. 10

Booze. I don’t drink, but I really want a bottle of WRITER’S TEARS Irish Whiskey. For the symbolism. 😉 Pumpkins. I haven’t yet decided how to carve my pumpkins, but I’m thinking about using the Midnight High School mascot design, which was suggested by a reader on Facebook. (This is the T-shirt Red Guards wear when[…]

Found No. 9

My former creative prompt website, Write What You See, has a new incarnation on Tumblr! Follow the blog for photographic writing prompts, writing quotes, and general bookish awesomeness. 🙂  The artwork of Lorraine Loot’s 365 Postcards for Ants project is absolutely amazing!  Have you seen the cover for DARK HEIR, the next Jane Yellowrock book?[…]

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