AHHHH! Publishers Weekly LOVED The Bright & Breaking Sea!

I’m agog–and thrilled–that Publisher’s Weekly loved The Bright & Breaking Sea! Here’s what they had to say: “Neill’s creative reinterpretation of the Napoleonic Wars is diverse and gripping, and the growing bond between the well-matched Kit and Grant is sure to conquer readers’ hearts.”—Publishers Weekly You can read the full review here! xoxo, Chloe

Publisher’s Weekly Loved WICKED HOUR!

I’ve FINALLY finished writing The Bright & Breaking Sea, and I realized we’re only six (!!!) weeks away from the release of WICKED HOUR, the second Heirs of Chicagoland novel, and I’m thrilled to announce that Publisher’s Weekly loved it! “Elisa is a fierce and endearing heroine readers will root for. This urban fantasy is[…]

Even the good guys are wolves in WICKED HOUR

Curious about the second Heirs of Chicagoland novel? Here’s the cover copy! In the second pulse-pounding novel in the USA Today bestselling Heirs of Chicagoland series, vampire Elisa Sullivan gets drawn into the shifting sands of Pack politics. Vampires were made, not born—until Elisa Sullivan came along. As the only vampire child in existence, she[…]

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