Preorder personalized books, and Twitter chat with Ethan!

The BLOOD GAMES Preorder/Medal contest is underway! See below for your chance to win one of two engraved Cadogan House medals. Personalized Preorders:  Did you know you can preorder *personalized* books through BookTalk Nation, which totally counts for the preorder contest? The amazeballs Anton Strout will be interviewing me through BookTalk Nation in a live video[…]

Share the love about the Hunger Bites Food Drive!

If you’d like to share the love about the 2013 Hunger Bites Food Drive for the Greater Chicago Food Depository, here are some suggested Tweets: Donate to 2013 drive for Chicago food bank and your name could appear in a #chivamps book! Details: @chloeneill I donated to 2013 Hunger Bites Food Drive to benefit the Chicago @FoodDepository. Details[…]

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