Well said

Great post from author Sean Ferrell today about feeling small as a writer . . .

Small Writer, will find that if you hold your little nose for a while and revel in being pathetic that you’ll finish too, and then you can take a deep breath and realize that you’ve stepped out of every fearful moment a writer endures and stepped into the knowledge that you did that Noble Thing.

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Feeling small is definitely something I can relate to. Every book has its obstacles and struggles, from particular scenes to particular emotions to the general fear that I just won’t be able to finish it.

This is especially true when a deadline looms ever closer, and the writing feels like a struggle.

The only way to really finish? As so many others have said, put your butt in the chair and just get the d@mn thing written. Don’t worry about “good enough”; trust your instincts enough in the first draft to just get it done.

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