Recapping RT Booklovers & C2E2

Another RT Booklovers convention is in the books (so to speak), and I am home from Chicago again.

The verdict? Such a great con. Exhausting, but amazing. Β It was a great opportunity to meet readers and writers (including Charlaine Harris and Jeaniene Frost), vent about the writing biz, and be inspired by others.

Here are a few snapshots from my four-day spell in Chicago:

The conference hotel — The Hyatt Regency. It was, by far, the largest hotel I’ve ever been in. Much concrete, with a large central tower that held four elevators. I’m fairly certain it will be used to house and contain humans when the zombie apocalypse comes.

My stack of books, bookmarks and pens, and my trusty Cadogan seal stamp, ready for signing at the Saturday Book Fair. There were soooo many people (readers and authors) there.

I got books signed by JR Ward, Kasey McKenzie, Jaye Wells, Suzanne McLeod, Veronica Wolf, and Charlaine Harris.

In addition to the panel and book fair at RT, Charlaine Harris, Christina Henry, and a bunch of other authors headed over to C2E2 (Chicago’s ComicCon) to speak about urban fantasy and paranormal romance heroines.

We had a pretty good crowd for the panel (and that’s only 2/3 of the room):

For every awesome conference featuring lots of awesome chicks (and some dudes!), there must be cake.

Next year’s RT Booklovers is scheduled to occur May 1-5, 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri. I’m definitely planning to attend!

7 thoughts on “Recapping RT Booklovers & C2E2

  • It’s hard to believe that people worry bout the future of publishing when these events are so well-attended. And, filled with younger people. It makes me feel wonderful to see so many people loving books (on paper, online, on whatever) and gives me hope.

  • I just realized that if things go the way they have the next con will be days before the final Sookie book! The 30th year of RT, the last Sookie book (Dead Ever After) and the midwest how can you go wrong. Think we can visit Murphy House?

  • Awesome!! I had so much fun this year at RT as well!! And since it’s in Kansas City, a mere four hours away, I feel like I “have” to go! πŸ˜€

  • Hey Chloe, looks like you had a super great time. Wish I could’ve been there. Really glad you had fun. Your book table looks so cool, really neat stamp! I’m soooo sad I couldn’t be there. πŸ™ Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait for Biting Cold and House Rules. This is my favorite series….LOVE LOVE LOVE these books. Congrats on all the success!!!!!!!!

  • I can’t believe there were that many people at the C2E2 panel…that’s fabulous!

    It was fabulous getting to finally meet you in person. I doubt I’ll be ble to get to RT next year (kind of hoping for BEA), but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a book tour. *grin*

  • It was so great meeting you and talking to you about my favorite couple. I can’t wait until Biting Cold πŸ™‚

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