Merit Goes International(-er)!

Exciting news from across the pond today!

First, Amazon UK has the pre-order and cover shot for FRIDAY NIGHT BITES, which will be available from Orion/Gollancz on April 8, 2010!
Second, I’m thrilled to announce that publishers in Germany and Russia will be publishing books in the Chicagoland Vampires series! Hello, and a warm welcome, to Egmont Verlag (SGB, FNB and TB) and Azbooka (SGB and FNB)!

11 thoughts on “Merit Goes International(-er)!

  • Is that the UK cover? It looks so different from the others. Do you get a copy of each cover or do you have to seek them out? That may be a dumb question. Sorry, it's early.

  • On an slightly unrelated note, you have to check out Wikipedia. You and your series officially have an entry. As a 27 year old English Graduate student myself, I could not help myself–your books needed get the Wikipedia seal of approval, however much weight that carries.

    I have done my best to do you and your amazing novels justice. Please, please, please (I beg of you) edit until your heart's content.

    PS. As a Midwestern women, I love how true you have been to our sarcastic tendencies (but I have to side with Morgan on the Packers:)

  • Congrats! The cover looks good, but I like the model on the US covers. She fits the look of Merit better.

  • Go Chloe! Congratulations – this is fantastic news.

    Also, the covers are fantastic – so very Merit.

  • Congratulations Chloe on the International contracts, the US covers are more my personal faves however the UK cover is striking…..

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