Another BITING COLD Snippet!

By popular demand, here’s another snippet from BITING COLD!


As last time, this teaser involve serious DRINK DEEP spoilers.


Do not read it if you haven’t yet read DRINK DEEP.


I’m serious!  🙂


You’ve been warned.


Alright, clearly you aren’t going to listen to reason. Go ahead.  Keep on reading. 🙂


The necessities addressed, Ethan closed the bedroom door and locked it. When he turned around to face me again, his eyes had silvered—the sign of vampire arousal, emotional or otherwise.

Desire spilled into the room, rising above the scents of blood and leather and the well-oiled steel of our swords.

“We have unfinished business, you and I.”

My lips parted. “Unfinished business?” I asked, but there was no mistaking the look in his eyes—or the earnest intent.

An eyebrow popped up, challenging me to argue, but I wasn’t about to do that. He’d been gone for two months, and I figured the universe owed me one . . . even when his phone rang audibly from the pocket of his pants.

Ethan’s lip curled, but he managed not to look at it.

For a moment, we stood there in silence, staring at each other, desire curling between us like the forks of an invisible fire.

“It could be Catcher,” I said, not thrilled about the interruption—but equally unthrilled at the proposition that Mallory was floating around outside the farmhouse and we were ignoring the warning.

With obvious resignation, he pulled the phone from his pocket and checked the screen. “It’s Malik. I apparently missed some calls.”

I did a quick calculation. “It’s nearly sunrise here, which means it’s already dawn there. He stayed up—past sunrise—to get you the message. You should take it.”

He frowned, clearly torn by duty and desire. Since he’d normally have answered the phone immediately, I took that as a compliment.

At least I could ease the agony of the choice. “Take the call,” I told him. “I’m not going anywhere.”

He pointed at me. “This isn’t over,” he said. . .

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