5 thoughts on “The Breckenridge Estate

  • This is a gorgeous picture! I haven't gotten a chance to read any of your books yet, but I put you on my radar after getting recommendations from some of my blogger friends. I look forward to reading your work! Best of luck with the release of Firespell!

  • Like the misty/snowy morning atmosphere. It's castlelike, so yes, a good take off point for a child's imagination 🙂


  • Awesome! It looks totally eerie with the mist and the light snow and the pond. Like you are standing right where the picture was taken and are breathing in deep to calm your breathing because the place is haunted or something. Not sure if the house would be. I heard the word haunting and images of ghosts danced in my head!

    Yup you can tell it's Xmas time! 😉

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