7 thoughts on “Poll time!

  • Gaah! That’s a very very difficult choice… I would love to read a short story about lindsey and Luc! I’m sure that’s going to be very funny but I also love to read about Jeff, The Pack and of course Merit… In fact, I would love to read a short-story featuring every choice! haha!

    Choice, Choice… I choose Luc and Lindsey! I love them 🙂

  • I pick Jeff and The Pack. It would be interesting to see their point of view on things that’s going on in Chicago and how they effect the Pack.

  • I WOULD have voted Catcher if he’s had a vote of his own – since I want to read about HIM, and not about a couple. Not trying to be rude, just explaining (I DO love Mallory!! I just feel like I’d love to get to know CATCHER more, see his background and so on, so no offense!!)

    So… I picked Jeff. 🙂

    Anyhow: ANY characted would be fun! They all rock! 😀

  • I picked Malik. I’d love to find out more about him (and his wife). My next choice would have been a draw between learning about Navarre House vs Grey House shenanigans

  • I would love a short story about Luc and Lindsey. I love these two together. There was not enough of them in the Drink Deep.

  • Honestly I would love a short story about Morgan. I feel Morgan needs someone.. I still feel bad for him 🙁 I liked him with Merit. In a way they made more sense (don’t get me wrong I LOVE Ethan and Merit) but I think he needs a HEA.. But I voted for Luc and Lindsey because they are adorable!! They balance each other and I’d love to see a story with Lindsey’s POV.

  • I would love a short story about Luc and Lindsey and I also think that a short story about Ethan and what he thinks about all the things going on with his life now, and like with Merit…

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