Cadogan Medals – The First Look

Lisa absolutely outdid herself. Here are the two Cadogan medals I’ve had made–one for me, and one for the Wisconsin booksigning winner, which I’ll announce later tonight!!!

Aren’t they fabulous?!? This is definitely one of those–this whole publishing thing seems completely surreal–moments: An idea I had has become an actual, tangible thing (thanks, as is often the case, to the hard work of others).

I’m working on details for making the medals more widely available; I’ll get that info up as soon as it’s available.

Due to limitations in the materials, we weren’t able to have the positions inscribed on the back (e.g., Merit’s would have been inscribed “Sentinel”). But even so, I wonder what I could have put on mine? “Official House Scribe”?

11 thoughts on “Cadogan Medals – The First Look

  • They look fabulous! Lisa, you rock πŸ™‚ Oh how I'd love to have one of my very own *g*

  • Lovely – fingers crossed that I can buy one of these beauties in the near future! πŸ™‚

  • Sweet. So will buy one! And I would've gone to both signings had I been able to go up that way. I have a relative nearby, but it's a long drive and my mom wouldn't do it for the weekend nor let me go alone. Oh well.

    Would you be up in that area again at the end of June?? As an early stopping by for Twice Bitten?? I'm always hopeful! πŸ˜‰

    Wanted to add more; I would so pay for this 10-20 or even 20-40 since the metal is bound to be pricey! But yeah $40? No prob! If it went higher than that…I still might. Or I might ask my mom to get it as a save for a gift for the next holiday! ;P

  • I would at least pay $10 maybe $20 depending on the material you are using and it's ability to last and not tarnish. These medals are truly lovely though Chloe and Lisa really did outdo herself on their design work!!!!

    We your fans hope you have more of these ideas that come to fruition and also more surreal moments that yes you are truly a published author and oh yes do you ever have a fan base, including yours truly!!!

    jackie b central texas

  • I actually placed an order for one of her name necklaces last night (not a Cadogan one, but a personal one). Thanks Chloe for introducing us to Lisa's cool work – I definetly now know what I'm gifting a few people, particularly my baby cousin, as birthday gifts.

  • oh my goodness-how COOL are these!

    thanks for stopping by today–saw 'some girls bite' on the shelves the other day and thought of you. hope the flurry and excitement of being a published author is just as wonderful as I imagine it to be!

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