Another BITING BAD snippet

From BITING BAD (CV8/Aug 2013)

“Would it be wrong to wear pajamas to a guard meeting?”

“It would be inappropriate,” Ethan said. “But I think you’re more than excused from leathers or a suit tonight.”


“You’re dating the Master of the House.”

I took that as a “no” on the sweatpants.

Ha. Merit cracks me up.

And speaking of Merit, stay tuned later this week for exciting news . . . perhaps involving your chance to win one of TWO HOUSE RULES ARCs!


9 thoughts on “Another BITING BAD snippet

  • Torture! You evil woman. How can you torture us mere mortals? We still have 9 more months to wait. *grin* I so can’t wait for February…I’ve already deemed an uninterrupted HOUSE RULES reading as an early birthday present with the boys.

  • I just love that Ethan and Merit are on the same page. Also, there is something about Ethan saying “leathers” that makes me blush and feel grateful that no one can read my mind.

  • LOVE IT!!! Cant wait unitl February, it’s almost here! I get to have the new Chloe Neill book and my baby will finally be here! So excited! 🙂

  • I would TOTALLY have worn sweats anyways. My thinking automatically goes towards ” sooo black sweats than. got it” BWAHAHAHA

    Thanks for the snippet! Can’t wait for more Merit!!

  • thanks for the snippet 🙂 😀 i really cant wait now..your books was like a drug to me..:D

  • I love Merit – she’s the main reason I caught up with the whole series; her humor ( which of course, all comes from you dear Chloe) it’s priceless! Ethan though is one ‘special case’ !!! 😉 Keep it coming! I can’t wait for February, I’ll be in delivery room reading ‘House Rules’ 😛

  • Oh, phew. They’re still dating in Biting Bad. Glad Ethan hasn’t screwed it up yet! 😉

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