Another BITING BAD snippet

From BITING BAD (CV8/Aug 2013)

“Would it be wrong to wear pajamas to a guard meeting?”

“It would be inappropriate,” Ethan said. “But I think you’re more than excused from leathers or a suit tonight.”


“You’re dating the Master of the House.”

I took that as a “no” on the sweatpants.

Ha. Merit cracks me up.

And speaking of Merit, stay tuned later this week for exciting news . . . perhaps involving your chance to win one of TWO HOUSE RULES ARCs!

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9 thoughts on “Another BITING BAD snippet

  • Torture! You evil woman. How can you torture us mere mortals? We still have 9 more months to wait. *grin* I so can’t wait for February…I’ve already deemed an uninterrupted HOUSE RULES reading as an early birthday present with the boys.

  • LOVE IT!!! Cant wait unitl February, it’s almost here! I get to have the new Chloe Neill book and my baby will finally be here! So excited! 🙂

  • I would TOTALLY have worn sweats anyways. My thinking automatically goes towards ” sooo black sweats than. got it” BWAHAHAHA

    Thanks for the snippet! Can’t wait for more Merit!!

  • I love Merit – she’s the main reason I caught up with the whole series; her humor ( which of course, all comes from you dear Chloe) it’s priceless! Ethan though is one ‘special case’ !!! 😉 Keep it coming! I can’t wait for February, I’ll be in delivery room reading ‘House Rules’ 😛

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