Write What You See Wednesday

I’ve added a new post over at Write What You See about a fashion designer’s inspiration board. Go forth and make your own!! Go now. Shoo.

Also, very interesting results from my previous poll about whether you owned or planned to buy an E-Reader. Here’s the final tally of 92 total votes:

  • Amazon Kindle 14 (15%)
  • B&N Nook 6 (6%)
  • Sony E-Reader 6 (6%)
  • Apple iPad 5 (5%)
  • Other e-reader 10 (10%)
  • No, too expensive 12 (13%)
  • No, prefer paper 39 (42%)

About 55% of respondents have no plans to buy e-readers, while about 42% (I’m assuming the difference owes to rounding) already own or plan to buy e-readers. Amazon’s Kindle was the whopping winner among the available e-readers.

For those of you who own or plan to buy, I’m curious to hear your thoughts about why . . . Thus, see the new poll in my left-hand sidebar!

4 thoughts on “Write What You See Wednesday

  • I did try to move over to a form of online reading with ADOBE Digitalis. I just didn't enjoy it – it is definetly easier to buy books, as it's instantaneous, which was nice when I needed a break and didn't want to run out. That said, I found that there was nothing like the feel of a real book, with real pages.
    Thanks for the Write What You See posts!

  • I recently purchased a kindle. At first I was one of those people who would say, "I just like holding a book." But after playing around with my bosses kindle I had to buy one. It's awesome!

    I am a readoholic, and on Amazon the prices are usually a bit cheaper than buying actual books. It's light, and the dictionary option comes in handy as well. The kindle doesn't have page numbers instead it shows you what percentage of the book you have read. I personally recommend it.

  • I've been reading more in the past 2-3 years and and have a few stacks of books in the house. My friend got a kindle. I tried hers out and loved it, so I got one and take it with me everywhere. Surprisingly, I've found that the font size and screen background on the kindle are a bit easier on my eyes than alot of regular books. Won't ever completely give up paperback and hardcover books though. I still get hard copies of some books (including the CV books ;)) in addition to an e-copy b/c I have to "feel" it in my hands, and for when I get a proper bookshelf. I also still buy graphic novels/comics.

  • I have been tempted to buy a kindle, however snuggling up in bed with a computer screen just is not the same. Also, I have many,many books already at home that I would want to have in my kindle (I don't want to have to remember whether the book was part of my kindle or not)however I am not interested in paying twice for a book I already own. Therefore, I am just going to stick with good old paper and ink.

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