The Luc/Lindsey short story . . .

. . . is complete! It will appear in the December 2013 KICKING IT anthology, with Rachel Caine, Kalayna Price, Faith Hunter, Christina Henry, and many others! Here’s a little teaser to whet your appetite:

And then he pulled his best cowboy move, putting a hand around my waist and whipping me against him. He smiled cockily down at me. β€œI’m not afraid of your issues, Linds.”

I’ll post the cover and additional details as soon as I have them. In the meantime, you can add KICKING IT to your Goodreads TBR shelf!

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PS – If Merit and Ethan are Methan, what are we calling Luc and Lindsey? Lucsey?

5 thoughts on “The Luc/Lindsey short story . . .

  • They WOULD be called Lucsey. The more you say it the better it gets.

    I have one small question, though as busy as you are I will still ask it, in House Rules Methen are putting the books into the correct boxes if it doesnt belong to the house. However, it says Ethan looks around his office, and then they are in the Library. Is the library a second office? If so, why hasn’t the librarian told them off?

    Just something I picked up on. I probably misread and am now looking a little stupid….
    Anyway’s, I love this series. Are you coming to England on a tour any time soon? More exactly, Milton Keynes? Or maybe those places are to far away. Probably are…. I’m gonna stop rambling now. Sorry.


  • Please come to England, come visit us soon. We are very friendly people & will offer you a very warm welcome. And if you do visit, i can get my books signed


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