4 thoughts on “Storytime!

  • Aww so cute! That sounds like the convoluted four year old explanations I used to give of why there was a huge chunk of just-baked-for-a-party cake missing (approx the size of a four year old hand)and half was located on my new party dress for said party.. 😉
    My parents said that whoever said that the "terribles" just lasted for the twos and threes was an idiot.

    But seriously! Get back to work! We want you to go back to blogging!

  • Still, I would read that book. Doesn't sound like the Winnie the Pooh stories I grew up with though.

  • Adorable and scary and sad. That poor "popotamus", allergic to magic and stuck in heaven when he wasn't ready to go 🙂

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