Ninety days to go!

Today is April 6, 2010, which means we’re now 2 days away from the U.K. release of FRIDAY NIGHT BITES and 90 days away from the release of TWICE BITTEN!

Drop by on Thursday, April 8, where I’ll be giving away 2 more FIRESPELL ARCs to celebrate the release of FRIDAY NIGHT BITES in the UK!
And I also understand the TWICE BITTEN ARCs are now on their way to the midwest. That means they’ll soon be on their way to lucky contest entrants. Stay tuned for additional details about the TWICE BITTEN ARC GIVEAWAY. But in the meantime, have I shared my favorite quote from TWICE BITTEN?
If not . . .
Always remember,” he whispered to me, “that you are an uncommon soldier, whatever they say. And you are quite a thing to behold.”

18 thoughts on “Ninety days to go!

  • That quote still gives me the shivers. Poor Merit. She's toast. (I am assuming that it is being spoken to her.) 😀

  • Very nice! Here's to hoping I get a hold of an ARC to review on my blog. 🙂

  • Merit is SO my hero! I can NOT WAIT for Twice Bitten! The anticipation is KILLING ME!!!!!!! This does mean 60 Days till I can re-read SGB and FNB 🙂 YIPPPPPPPPPPPPIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  • Mmm.. such a powerful quote! And congrats onyl 2 more days!! Can't wait for the ARCs 😉 lol

  • That is right up there with that kiss in the library ! Can you feel the chill? Thank you for writing books that are worth the waiting for.

  • ooh merit. i bet it was werewolf chappie (gabriel is it?) who said that to her. ethan is nice but i bet gabriel would do wonders for her confidence without wanting too much in return. cant wait till july

  • Can't wait for July, so many good books coming out that month, with Twice Bitten being one of the books on the top of my list. Its going to be a very long 90 days, guess I'll just have to read SGB and FNB at least one more time while I wait.

  • Love the quote, and what Dot said, "Thank you for writing books that are worth waiting for". I have to say though that the overall tone of your playlist for TB has me a tad jittery. The Blower's Daughter? Oh, the sheer angst! 🙂

  • Thanks chloe. My vote for the quote (which is great) is either ethan or merit's granddad.

  • *sigh* 90 more days to wait. Now you're just teasing us. 😛

  • 90 days – that seems like the perfect timing for (another) sneak peek!
    Just saying.

  • Gah..the wait is killing me. I brought the books back with me to school. I think i'll read some fnb before bed tonight.

  • whoa !!!
    can't wait!!!
    Chloe Neill ur a legend in the making, thats if u aren't already one :]

  • TIME OUT! Wasn't this said by Ethan in FNB right before they went in to the party at Merit's parents' house. Or during the party? Or… Wasn't it?? Okay if not, Ethan def says it in TB.

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