Friday Night Bites – UK Edition

Happy release day!!

It’s time to celebrate today’s UK release of FRIDAY NIGHT BITES!! I’ve got one more FIRESPELL ARC (and a bunch of new swag!), and I’m giving them away to one random commenter.

To enter, leave a comment on this blog entry and give me a prediction about the biggest surprise you think you’ll read in TWICE BITTEN.
One random winner will be selected to win the FIRESPELL ARC as well as a swag gift pack, including a Cadogan House coaster, a FIRESPELL bumper sticker, a Cadogan House laminated Visitor’s Pass, a Chicagoland Vampires pen, and an “I Heart Cadogan” bumper sticker.
The contest is open internationally.
If you do any of the following, note it in your comment, and you’ll get an extra entry in the contest for each thing you do (or that you’ve already done)!
1. Follow this blog
2. Follow me on Twitter
3. Add me as a friend on Myspace or Facebook
4. Are a member of, or have newly joined, the Chloe Neill mailing list
5. Blog about the UK release of FRIDAY NIGHT BITES!
6. Tweet about the UK release of FRIDAY NIGHT BITES
7. Myspace or Facebook about the UK release of FRIDAY NIGHT BITES
8. Send me a picture of FRIDAY NIGHT BITES in stores in the UK!
The contest will close on Thursday, April 22 at 8:00 a.m. CST. GOOD LUCK!

39 thoughts on “Friday Night Bites – UK Edition

  • A big surprise … Ethan and Meritt will finally get it on!

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  • I think the biggest surprise for me would be if Ethan and Merit do not finally hook up or if Merit started dating someone else. I don't want either of those things to happen, so if they did it would be the biggest surprise for me. I hope Merit and Ethan finally move forward a little with their relationship. My prediction is that they will be a steamy sex scene but a relationship between the two will not be easy, happily everafter. Maybe Noah will give Ethan a little competition. Another prediction is that Merit and Mallory will repair their relationship and maybe Lindsey will finally stop trying to push Luc away so much (as entertaining as her snarky comments can be, I feel bad for the guy). Well, I probably don't have any of the predictions right, but I can't wait for the book, the series has quickly become one of my favorites.

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  • The big surprise that I want or the one I expect to get:) The one I think might actually happen is Ethan and Merit finally hooking up. The one I hope for is the reveal of Merit's real name.

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    Now that Merit has intergrated her vampire self, I expect significant changes in in who she was as an academic book girl and who she is becoming: a kick a uber vampire. I yearn for her relationship to move to the steamy side with Ethan.

  • I still wait for the UK version of Friday night bites to reach me, so I have no idea what surprises might await me in Twice bitten, but I sure as hell want to read about them!

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  • I think the biggest w surprise would be, not to sound like everyone else, that Ethan finally steps up and makes a move with Merit(In a good way). I would be more mad than surprised that he didn't.

    Kristianna Svetich

  • I think Merit will found out that Ethan is training her to be a master Vampire of her own house.

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  • Hmm…thinking big plot twist or catastrophic event, someone dies permanently. Not to be morbid of course!

    On the lighter side, how about Merit and Morgan make up and start a real relationship!

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  • I think some big event like maybe a war between the rouge vampires and werewolves will take place since Gabriel Keene is in town.

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  • Although i havent read Friday Night Bites yet ( its in the post! Yes!) i would say the biggest surpise along with the others would be if she didnt get together with Ethan! I might just die of anticipation if it doesnt happen soon(if thats at all possible)! 🙂

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    Emma T

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    And biggest surprise… Maybe a dreamy new were to give Ethan a run for his money for Merit's affections? (As much as I have my fingers crossed for those two crazy kids, I do so love a good triangle. ;D)

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  • I think the biggest surprise would be that Merit finally got tired of Ethan and shes going to shack up with one of the wolfs 🙂
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    And I cant wait to learn about Mallory… I want to know her story!!!!! And more about Catcher with his shirt off!! RAWR!!!!

  • Sadly I haven't read Friday Night Bites, so I can't guess!

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  • I'm new to this series so I guess everything would be a surprise for me LOL. It is a series I've had on my wishlist for a while though & I can't wait to read it! Congratulations on the UK release – now it will be easier for me to get my hands on!!

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  • Channels a blue ball of energy from the aether and draws the images together:

    I see a war on the horizon, tension builds with Gabriel Keene dead defending his wife against Helen, Merit is exiled for failing her duties and is accused of his death, until the culprit is found she is an outlaw. Mallory joins her while Catcher stays behind, we find Mallory is expecting. Lacey makes and appearance in an attempt to break up Merit and Ethan's connection.

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    Congrats on the UK release of FNB. Although in the UK, I'll be sticking to the US covers but I did pick up UK copies of SGB and FNB for my sister from the Book Depository since she never gives books back.

    Biggest surprise in TB? How about Celina NOT being the source of all discord in this volume. 🙂 As much as we are rooting for a Merit and Ethan HEA, myself and the other members of my book group think that it's a bit early in the series for resolution on that front; so very surprised if that were to be the case.

  • I haven't read any reviews or excerpts and don't know the author so anything in the book is likely to be a surprise for me.

    For that very reason I would like to have a copy to read !

    I am a Follower and an International entry.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Carol T

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  • I haven't read this series yet so I have no clue what surprises are in store 🙂

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  • I think the biggest surprise would be for Ethan to succumb to Celina's blood/glamour thus Cadogan House falls in Celina's hands.

    Meanwhile Merit had to juggle Gabriels security and find help for Ethan/Cadogan House through Nick and Morgan.

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    Ezdiani Ali

  • M'kay, lemme see…

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  • For the hundredth time trying:
    I'm expecting a big surprise re Jeff's animal form: gerbil or powerful tiger…

  • Oh and for those who haven't read the Chicagoland first two books…I can tell you what it's about, I can actually probably quote from the books…yes, thy're that good!

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  • I think Merit will end up training to be master of her own house…

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  • I haven't read FNB so I can't guess, but I'm expecting both FNB and TB to be amazing just like the first! 😀

    PS: I love swag!! xD

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  • I haven't read FNB so all I can gues is that it's going to be amazing like he first one 😀
    ps: I looove swag! xD

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  • You know my bookstore STILL hasn't gotten Firespell in yet! HA!

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  • I've not read any of this series yet, so anything would be a surprise. I've heard and read so many good things about it though, that it would not be a surprise to find out how good it is and how much I would enjoy reading it.

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    thanks for the great books!
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