A Week in the Life

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For those of you who are journalers or scrapbookers or note-keepers, designstress Ali Edwards will be documented her annual A Week in the Life feature. The idea is to journal, take photos, and save ephemera from a week in your life, to be saved in its own scrapbook. It’s a great way to track you and your interests . . . especially if you follow through from one way to the next.

And it doesn’t just have to be about you. You could AWITL your characters, your manuscript, or devote a week to world-building. Thus, you might do something like this:

1. Monday – Geography & Architecture
2. Tuesday – Food
3. Wednesday – Arts and Culture
4. Thursday – Clothing
5. Friday – Language and vocabulary

Her “page protector” method (see photo below) of saving and documenting stuff (which I also do) would be a great way to save those photos, magazine pages, and other stuff you’ve been saving up for your novel.

Ali has posted on the Basics of Documenting AWITL and getting organized to put your AWITL together, and posts will continue through next week (when she documents her process).

If any of you decide to do this–especially for your world or characters–please share! I’d love to see and share your work!

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  • what a wonderful idea, Chloe!! and i love Ali Edwards!! i've watched her work progress through the years at Creating Keepsakes mag…she's amazingly creative!! 🙂

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