Le Swag

What I’m bringing to RT Booklovers 2013:

Chloe Neill Swag

And I don’t want to bring any back! So ask me for some of it. 🙂

If you don’t happen to see me flitting around (or camped out and working on WILD THINGS), you’ll find swag at RT’s Promo Lane and at the Giant Author Fair on Saturday.

Hope to see you there!!

11 thoughts on “Le Swag

  • Any chance you are swinging by Sydney, Australia on your way there so you can drop some swag off to me?? I’ll do (almost) anything! hehe

  • Those cards with the quotes on are AWESOME. This year, however, I chose BEA over RT. If I send a SAS envelope, would you, perhaps, send some my way? Those would be killer in a frame in my book nook!

    Have fun this weekend!

  • It SUCKS living in Ireland. Nothing happens here, and nobody ever visits…and it rains.

    All the time.

  • I’m Coming And I Definitely Need Me Some Swag! I Was Going To Hunt You Down Anyways, Though! 😉

  • I want those card things with the quotes. No idea what to do with them but I like them. I would want the button too but it’s a little too “I-Copied-This-Phrase-From-Original-Twilight-Book-Swag-although-it-was-really-more-a-book-from-later-in-the-series-swag”

  • I so want this :'( i’d be happy if you want to post them to me in Australia. Please come to Brisbane Australia 😉

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