Random: Two favorite vampires

I usually relax at the end of a long day/night with some animated fun. Two of my favorite shows, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (long-time fave) and Adventure Time (new fave), feature fantastic/bizarre vampires. For your consideration, I present:

1. Marcula

Marcula is the vampire landlord of the ATHF, who, while being a vampire, has incredibly mundane concerns. I enjoy the contrast.

Image via: Gordo201/Photobucket


2. Marceline

Marceline is a vampire queen on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. I’m a relatively new AT convert, but I’m looking forward to learning more about Ms. Marceline.

Marceline Stock Night

Image via: The Adventure Time Wiki

One thought on “Random: Two favorite vampires”

  • I like Marceline, but I haven’t seen enough episodes of ATHF to catch Marcula…

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