NZ and Australia!

Good News! Merit and friends are also being published by Hachette/Orion in Australia and New Zealand. Here’s the current publication schedule:

Some Girls Bite (Now on shelves): Australia | New Zealand
Friday Night Bites (June 2010): Australia | New Zealand
Firespell (July 2010): Australia | New Zealand
I love the tagline at Wheelers: “Forget the House of Night; it’s time to join the Dark Elite.” Ha!
Here’s the Australian/New Zealand FIRESPELL cover:
And if you’re in the UK, keep an eye out for the hardback release of FIRESPELL on Thursday, May 20!

3 thoughts on “NZ and Australia!

  • Finally, now everyone can experience the awesomeness that is some girls bite and twice bitten in Australia and I don't have to order them from overseas any more! Yay!

  • I really, really love the Aussie cover of Firespell! Glad to hear all your books are getting some proper intl love.

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