FIRESPELL UK release and TB Pre-Orders

Yesterday was the official hardback release of FIRESPELL in the UK! Unfortunately, it hadn’t yet popped up at the Waterstones in Picadilly, but if you’re in the UK, I’d love to see a picture of FIRESPELL on shelves!!

And, of course, we’ve got the release of TWICE BITTEN in just over a month, and it’s already hitting the Amazon Bestseller charts.

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #1,896 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
#23 in Books > Romance > Vampires

Thanks, pre-orderers!! 🙂

15 thoughts on “FIRESPELL UK release and TB Pre-Orders

  • I know you have nothing to do with this, but it sucks so much that there is no Kindle version available! Specially when you live in another country and have to wait forever for the delivery.

    Really it makes me so angry, I want to read Twice Bitten the day of Release, on my Kindle…

    So although I would love to pre order I can't since I still hope I will get it on my Kindle ..

  • Mrs. Vanquish – Believe me, I feel your pain. I hope the companies can resolve their contract issues prior to the release!!

    FYI, if you're interested in preordering the paper copy, you might check Book Depository, which I understand ships internationally.

  • @Chloe : I truly hope so too! This is going on since April and all the good releases aren't available.
    I can preorder it at and I will do that if they won't solve this problem.
    The point is, it just sucks – I do love my Kindle and reading eBooks.
    And as always the customer is the one that suffers when big companies fight.

    But well, that won't keep me from reading Twice Bitten that is for sure!

  • I'm another Kindle owner that is biting her nails, and checking daily on the status of TB. As the author, would you get any advance notice when things settle down? If you did, you'd tell us….right?

  • Jan and Mrs Vanquish, I am a Kindle owner too, and I love it. I buy all of my books on the Kindle, and if I really like a book or a series, I'll buy hard copy too. It bothers me that the publishing companies are fighting Amazon over pricing because I feel that they should be willing to give up some of the cost for the level of control they get with ebooks (ie. I can't sell them back to Half Price Books if I don't like them).

    All that being said, if either of y'all are debating getting a hard copy of TB while you wait for the Kindle version, let me just say get it. Get it in hard copy and pay the full price for it. The book is worth it. I'm not going to drop spoilers, but I will say it's easily my favorite of the series so far.

  • @Andrew: Are you one of those that got the ARC on the auction?
    Anyway, I will so definitely read it and also buy it – not reading it or waiting for the big shots to solve their issues is definitely a no-go.

    I'm also not complaining about the money, on the contrary I would be perfectly fine with paying more for a eBook when it's a new release. It would makes sense to me ( as long as it's not more than the paperback).

    I'm just the kind of woman that wants to read a book NOW which is one of the things I love about my Kindle
    finish a book
    go online
    buy the next
    start reading!

    And Andrew, hearing that you think it's one of the best in the series makes me even more excited about it ;))

    Oh and sorry Chloe we take your blog for complaining about your Publisher. Let's just say we love you and that is why I'm pissed so much because that means I have to wait for my delivery and cannot read it right away!

    Is it July yet?


  • I completely understand the frustration and the need to vent; no worries!

    And thanks, Andrew, for the compliments! I'm so glad you enjoyed TB!

  • Andrew, and everyone else, I'll be reading TB one way or another…or both. Don't want to wait if the publishers don't work things out in time. My issue is font size. Some of the paperbacks that I read that are not being released on kindle, have a font size that is a little too small for comfortable reading. I hope that is not the case with TB. Don't tell the publishers, but I might be purchasing the paperback *and* the kindle edition.
    Chloe, just so you know….I *love* this series, and am a re-reader. I don't look at price where the CV series is concerned and I'm not considering buying two forms of the same book for any of the other authors that I read. I'm in the middle of about 8 different series that are published by the Penguin Group. Most of them get a heavy sigh over the delay, but like I said before, I'm biting my nails where TB is concerned. Oh! Is there any chance of the CV series being released as audiobooks? Let me know. I treadmill a lot longer with a good audiobook playing. Don't stop writing!

  • @Mrs Vanquish: Yes I was. Also, I am right there with you on what makes the Kindle so great. Most importantly I don't have to lurk in the bookstore waiting for them to restock the shelves for the one particular book in a series that I'm after. I just download it.

    @Chloe: I'm not just blowing smoke. I really dug it. It's not that often that I get goosebumps from a book (I'm not talking the creepy kind – I'm talking the excitement kind.) I'd planned to take it slow and really kind of live in it. Then I would look up and realize my eyes were dried out and the sun had gone down.

    @Jan: I can tell you I'll be getting both too copies too. The Kindle edition is too convenient not to have and the paper copy gives me something to lone out to friends (It lets them know that there's more than just Lestat and Bella out there in the world – and better too.)

  • I'll be one of the readers getting a hard copy and a kindle copy (when the dispute is resolved).

  • And here I thought I was the only one planning to get two copies! Thank you Andrew. You are so right! Lestat and Bella aren't in the same league as Merit.

  • Congratulations on those rankings! I wonder how much further TB moves up them getting closer to the release date? So looking forwards to reading Twice Bitten. 🙂

    A word re. Book Depository. Here in the UK, US releases are already in the distribution centre in England prior to the official release date eg. last Thurs I received an email letting me know that my pre-ordered copy of Magic Bleeds/Ilona Andrews had been shipped. No waiting for international delivery and I get books at the same time as US readers. Handy to know (if you're a UK reader) because waiting sucks when you're desperate for a book.

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