Sayeth the Wall Street Journal: Amazon, Penguin Resolve Book-Pricing Dispute

“Our differences have been resolved, and a full selection of Penguin books
will be available on the Kindle,” Amazon’s electronic-book reader, said David
Shanks, CEO of Penguin Group (USA.)

A spokesman for Amazon confirmed that the company had an agreement with
Penguin and that it would soon be offering their complete selection of digital
books to Kindle customers.

TWICE BITTEN should be one of those, so keep an eye out for the Kindle pre-order button!

9 thoughts on “YEEESSSSS!

  • Squeeeee!!!!!! Finally !! Endlich!

    now I go and see if can pre order my Kindle version!!

    Did I say squeee? 🙂

    Thanks Chloe for posting it!

    *does a happy dance*

  • praise be to jebus! I was a little upset that I had to buy the latest Sookie book as a real book – ugh!

  • That explains why Jim Butcher and C. Harris' books were selling for $9.99 before they were released. And why they dropped Twice Bitten's price down so low. I hope Amazon does not start telling you what books you can buy and what ones you can't.

  • Woo-Hoo!!
    Thanks Chloe for giving us the good news….I am so happy!….really, really happy. Okay, my face is starting to hurt from the smile. Thanks again!

    Maybe happy isn't the right word…thrilled…no..ecstatic–uh-huh, that's the word!

  • NICE!!!

    This is great news. Yet another reason for my kindle to go with me everywhere. I played with a nook and an iPad and neither of them seem to compare for e-reading to my kindle.

    Now if we can just get Amazon to list TB for preorder…

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