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Hello, everyone! Hope your June is going swimmingly. A big shout out to folks in the Big O’ and Rosenblatt Stadium, which is hosting its final College World Series beginning this week.

Today, we have three stops on the TWICE BITTEN Blog Tour to chat about. First, I’m over at Darkly Reading to chat about the Chicagoland Vampires series and whether any House secrets are revealed in Twice Bitten.

Tomorrow, I’ll drop by My Five Monkeys to chat with the lovely Julie about all sorts of random goodness.

BOTH visits will offer you a chance to win a TWICE BITTEN swag pack, including a silicone wristband, pen, bookmark, etc.

(Ed. Note – Wouldn’t it be cool if some sort of 1970s Price Is Right-esque Muzak was playing in the background as I announced these things? I should work on that…)

2 thoughts on “Today’s Blog Tour Stops

  • Yeah, but that only works if at the end you said "and a new car!". They always had a new car.

  • in what of the book is that of jeaniene frost.
    and you are right that is a bite of teaser i haven't actually reall all of them because i want the first chapter but the book is almost here so i can wait a little i guess.
    also can you check my blog i read your book no long ago and i want your opinion in my review of it i think you are a great author so i want to see what you think =] is moslty my idea of the book and how i see it and also i read other book no only yours but is good to put them out there hope you have the chance to check it out

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