Thanks, Blog Tour Hosts!

Well, I’m back from my temporary release week (and non-Internet-having) hiatus. I love release weeks, but I’m glad it’s over. 🙂
Readers, you were spectacular. Although we didn’t hit a national bestseller list this time around (no tattoo for me!), TWICE BITTEN was the #2 science fiction/fantasy trade paperback at Barnes & Noble last week and it’s already heading into a second printing! Thank you all for your support, and I truly hope you’re enjoying TWICE BITTEN.
A huge shout-out to everyone who hosted me on the Blog Tour! I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to interview me or host a guest blog. (And my sincere apologies to those of you I was unable to promote due to my unintended Internet hiatus.)
And now…to edit HEXBOUND! Which y’all are gonna LOVE.

7 thoughts on “Thanks, Blog Tour Hosts!

  • It was a blast having you stop by! Glad your blog tour was fun!

    And I can't wait for Hexbound!

  • It was a blast and so nice to meet you and getting excited for Hexbound too.

  • By CV4, I'm sure you'll make the best seller's list. CV3 tipped the scales for me and it is one of my favorite series. I've been sharing and telling all my friends about this book!

  • Glad to be a part of it! I still plan to purchase 2 more copies of Twice Bitten, so hope that helps you anyway.

  • I love the series, so far. I think part of the problem with your book sales is that the stores are not consistent with putting them on the shelves or making them available. I heard that some stores had them out a week ahead of time (which I know takes away from your sales numbers) and some places don't even have them in-stock yet. I know doesn't have them yet. I have mine on-order but they don't have them to send out yet!

  • This was the best book in the series I had to read it twice. I loved Merit attitude throught the whole book. Even thought she deserved to be nasty. ~Loved all the books so far!

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