Orbit Books on Urban Fantasy Heroines

The folks at Orbit Books have put together a feature on changing fashion in urban fantasy covers. I think Merit–who wouldn’t wear a mini-skirt or stilettos unless her life depended on it (or if Ethan made her, which is pretty much the same thing–is a much better fit for ’09 than ’09. Leather FTW!

(Via i09)

4 thoughts on “Orbit Books on Urban Fantasy Heroines

  • But, I hope Merit's preferred BF is not that Alpha Werewolf … I still see her with Ethan Mr Bad Ass Vamp.

    This is awesome! *giggles* I always picture Merit like on the Twice Bitten cover – which is the best from all of them I think!

  • This is too funny. I love that the "model pout" is finally out! Merit's always been ahead of her time anyway!

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