Oh, for cute!

As I’m busily typing away on HARD BITTEN to bring you all the vampire-inspired drama you can handle, I thought I’d offer up some stuff I’ve seen on the webs lately that will keep you busy this weekend.

1. Recipe Binder project by Cathy Zielske. As CZ puts it, for cute!

2. Learn to make biscuits from scratch.

3. If you’re in Chicagoland, make plans to visit the Bucktown Apple Pie Contest on October 10.

4. Design your own custom Converses. (Click on “Design Your Own” in the upper right.)

5. Prep an inspiration board. (Those provided by Snippet & Ink are wedding-oriented, but you get the general idea.)

6. Make your brownies more exciting.

–> Also, LESS THAN 100 DAYS UNTIL HEXBOUND! Stay tuned for news about an AWESOME Hexbound ARC contest that includes lots of new Penguin titles!

That is all. Happy weekend, everyone!

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