Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose . . .

As I noted below, one of the main reasons I’ve been absent from the blog of late is my tight deadline for DRINK DEEP(CV 5), which is scheduled for publication in November 2011.

Although I hope this book will has lots to offer in the end, it’s been a struggle to draft thus far.

Perhaps I say this about every book I write (Jeremy?), but this one feels like I’m dragging the word count total up the side of a mountain. I’m on schedule to finish on time–if I maintain a pretty high level of productivity until my deadline–but the slowness of the drafting so far scares me in a bone-deep way.

I can’t imagine I’m the only writer who’s felt this way. There’s definitely a roller coaster aspect to writing. You can get great news about a publication offer one day, only to learn that the money is stomachpunch low. You can get a royalty check for one book, only to learn that returns exceeded sales on another. A five-star Amazon review might follow (or be proceeded by) a two-star review that insults your writing, your characters, your morals and your intelligence.

I don’t offer these observations to elicit sympathy–I know I also have dedicated and loving fans out there, and I usually remember how fortunate I am to be in this position. But as in any hobby or career or sport, some days are just harder than others.

As in life, there are wins and losses. There are days when the words come, and easily, and there are days when sitting still long enough to draft a paragraph feels like a monumental achievement.

If only there were some guaranteed potion–some elixir–that would transmute the latter into the former.

Now *that* would be unstoppable. ๐Ÿ™‚
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9 thoughts on “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose . . .

  • Breathe. Take your time. We'll be waiting here.
    I know the feeling of elixir. Go for it!

  • Girl don't I know it, but the ride is so awesome of a thrill rush that we writers wouldn't have it any other way. Just finish the draft and you'll sculpt the butterfly during editing.

  • I totally understand you, Chloe. but I'm sure you'll make it and in the end you'll be rewarded.
    keep calm and carry on ๐Ÿ™‚
    lots of love

  • Go Go Go Chloe!!!! yeah when I heard about november I was really worried, too close considering hard bitten has taken what? almost a year? but we believe in you no matter what! you are a talented and a very creative writter! just keep on going!! Your fans will always be there encouraging!!!

  • We may complain that the time doesn't go quickly enough when we're waiting for a publication date but we'll all wait as long as it takes to get the next instalment. Your books are awesome, the characters are like friends we know well and like good friends we have patience!!
    Keep going we're still here.

  • Definitely can't speak to the business of writing, that's not something I've yet experienced and not sure if its for me. For what its worth though, I always found when writing that if things were really dragging on given day; that meant there was amazing inspiration waiting for me if I just persevered and punched through.

    Don't worry about anything we say, just write for you.

  • We can't really tell you to take your time can we? Honestly I've read 5 stars reviews on books that I thought were cheap basic romance novels and two stars reviews on original, well written material so I guess as we say:"On ne peut pas plaire ร  tout le monde". But you do have a unique voice and CV is a unique series.Of course it's hard (I guess! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) to write a 5th book as good as the first 4 but I totally trust you to get there. And I know that my copy will be pre-ordered, no need for a sample!

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