4 thoughts on “We’re live now!

  • Is anyone here? Am I missing the conversation going on? I just saw on goodreads that there was a life chat.

  • Chloe–I just listened to your chat on Talk Shoe and I had a question for you……When will Merit and Ethan have "the talk" about why he was with Amber/Lacey..if he loved her/and other relationshippey type questions; and what does that say about his ability to love someone.

  • Where is the exclusive clip from Hard Bitten located? I couldn't find it on your site or the host site.

  • That chat was a lot of fun Chloe, I was guest 16, the one asking a lot of Lacey questions (age, her visit, etc) Def can't wait till you do another for when Drink Deep comes out

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