Listicle of random things I enjoy. And words I like. Or don’t like. Whatever.

3. The word “eponymous.”
4. These biscuits and this spin-art dip (but I skip the garlic).
5. Jeremy Dixon Photography. (Most handsome photographer EVER!)
6. The thought of vampires singing Blackbird a capella.
8. My new cookbook holder (recommended by Cathy Z.)
9. My first back porch, patio table and fenced-in yard.
1. The word “tug.”
2. The nails-on-chalkboard sound of aluminum baking pans touching each other.
3. The fact that the books on my Amazon Wishlist aren’t purchasing themselves.
4. The fact that y’all have four weeks to go until HARD BITTEN. I am ready for release day!

5 thoughts on “Stuff

  • Ewww! I don't like "tug" either. It always makes me think of pulling out stitches or loose teeth.

    4 weeks and counting — I feel like I'm one of the humans who has been locked out of Cadogan House by order of the mayor! I can't wait to visit again. It's been such a long wait!

  • I love your list! My fave words are capybara, conundrum, and epiphany (I have even coined my own word: minipiphany, which I usually experience when combining thought with caffeine). Can't wait for Hard Bitten. I am so glad you are releasing TWO books this year.

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