Join THE VEIL Blog Tour!

The Blog Tour has been filled. Thanks!

Attention bloggers: It’s time to calendar your spot on the THE VEIL blog tour!

theveil_comingsoonTHE VEIL, the first novel in my new Devil’s Isle series, will be released on August 4, 2015, and the blog tour will be held July 27, 2015 to August 7, 2015.

There are ten dates on the tour.  Each blogger will provided post content and a giveaway packet.  I’ll send out additional information on both before the tour starts.

If you’d like to participate, please send an email to CALENDAR (AT) CHLOE NEILL (DOT) COM and identify which of the following dates you prefer. You must propose a specific date in order to be considered.  

Monday, July 27
Tuesday, July 28
Wednesday, July 29
Thursday, July 30
Friday, July 31

Monday, August 3
Tuesday, August 4 (Release Day)
Wednesday, August 5
Thursday, August 6
Friday, August 7

Please also provide a physical mailing address in your request so we can send your giveaway packet.

International bloggers – Due to increased shipping costs, we can only send giveaway packets to US addresses (either to your affiliate in the US, or directly to a US winner after your contest). Please advise in your tour request email. 

I cannot guarantee spots on the tour or particular dates, but I will try to accommodate folks to the extent possible.

If you’ve previously tried to join a blog tour, but the blog tour was full, please feel free to let me know that in your email. I try to spread the love.

Thanks for helping me spread the word about Liam and Claire! 😀

xoxo, Chloe

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