MIDNIGHT MARKED is a B&N Bookseller’s Pick!

I’m so thrilled that MIDNIGHT MARKED is a Barnes & Noble Booksellers Pick for March!

Midnight_MarkedA welcome return to a Chicagoland populated by vampires, shifters, humans, and other supernatural beings begins with a seemingly innocuous trip to Wrigley Field for a night game, where Merit and Ethan, from the Vampire House Cadogan, hope to claim the free flashlights being given away. When Merit senses magic being used in the city, the story kicks into high gear, leading them to discover the body of a murdered shifter. Things quickly get sticky, as relations between Vampires and shifters sour, threatening the delicate balance of power. Ethan and Merit must match wits with a powerful enemy that wants to see House Cadogan burn just as much as he wants to own the Windy City. Twelve books in, Neill is still hitting them out of the park; this is a paranormal romance as exciting as any thriller.

Thanks so much, Barnes & Noble! Click over to check the other great releases in March, including releases by Patty Briggs, Anne Bishop, and Seanan McGuire.

xoxo, Chloe

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