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thesightWe’re only a week away from the UK release of THE VEIL (Devil’s Isle 1), so I’m celebrating by sharing the first chapter of THE SIGHT (Devil’s Isle 2).

THE SIGHT will be available in the US on August 16 and the UK on August 18!

We rode in a truck that had seen a lot of miles—more than two hundred thousand of them, according to the odometer. The windows were open to the heat and humidity and sunshine, all of it powerful even in the early morning. But that was New Orleans for you.

I piled my red hair into a topknot and futzed until the bun was secure, then leaned my head against the door. Even the hot breeze felt better than none. The truck rocking beneath us, the city nearly silent around us, my eyes drifted closed.
“You gonna fall asleep?”

I slitted a glance at the man in the driver’s seat. Liam Quinn was tall and lean, built of hard, stacked muscle. His hair was dark and short, and matched the scruff along his jaw. His eyes were a shockingly bright blue, with lashes dark and thick enough to make a fashionista jealous.

He was undeniably handsome, undeniably sexy, and undeniably off-limits.

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