Read the first chapter of PHANTOM KISS!

PHANTOM KISS is the next Merit and Ethan release, and the novella that will get you through to the April 2017 release of BLADE BOUND.

And now, you can read the first chapter!

phantom-kiss“There is no torture so sweet, no punishment so sublime, as the couple’s wedding shower.”

The tortured vampire, who was tall and chiseled enough to make Apollo weep with jealousy, stood beside me at the threshold of a mansion in Oak Park, Illinois.

The house belonged to my parents. In two months, the vampire would belong to me.

He wore a perfectly fitted dark suit, a crisp white shirt beneath. The top button was undone to reveal the silver drop that rested in the hollow of his throat. His hair was golden and fell to his shoulders, his eyes the green of flawless emeralds.

“You rule a House of vampires,” I reminded Ethan. “You’ve fought monsters, sorcerers, evil politicians. You can handle presents and party games for a couple of hours.”

The look of horror that widened his eyes was priceless. Not that I was thrilled about entering my parents’ house. No matter the occasion, being here felt like being corseted into a body that wasn’t quite my own. On the upside, at least I wasn’t going to be tortured alone. Ethan was my partner in crime.

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xoxo, Chloe

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  • Hi Chloe,
    I can’t wait to read the rest of this new novella. It was superbly written as all the other books that you have written. When will it be released on kindle. xxx

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