Limited Edition Merit Poster!

To celebrate the release of the last Merit and Ethan novel, I commissioned amazing illustratorΒ Jennifer MeyerΒ to create an illustration of our favorite Cadogan Sentinel.

I’m so thrilled to share the amazing result!

Her artwork will be featured on limited edition posters which I’ll sign upon request, and which will be available during the BLADE BOUND Blog Tour and Grand Prize Giveaway, April 25 release party, RT Booklovers convention, and DragonCon (while supplies last).

I can’t wait to have these in hand! Thanks so much for your hard work, Jennifer! <3


xoxo, Chloe

3 thoughts on “Limited Edition Merit Poster!

  • This is so badass! I love it. I wont be attending RT or Dragoncon since I live on the other side of the US but I’ll be crossing my fingers for the giveaway.

  • Super cool wishing to be lucky enough to receive one good luck on the release waiting for my copy to be released to my kindle

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