The First Chapter of Slaying It is here!

We’re less than a month away from the release of SLAYING IT, a “bonus” Chicagoland Vampires e-book novella that I didn’t plan on writing, and you can now read the first chapter!

My belly was enormous.

That wasn’t insecurity or ego or exaggeration. It was plain and simple fact.

I was thirty-seven weeks—or about eight months—into my pregnancy with the world’s first vampire baby. I was lucky to be expecting and excited to see my daughter. But I was sick of being pregnant.

I missed seeing my feet. Drinking caffeine. Sleeping on my back. Fitting into my leather jacket. Snacking by choice, not necessity. And I was tired of having Baby Sullivan, the watermelon of attitude we called “Peanut,” constantly kicking my bladder.

In just a few weeks—assuming a vampire gestation lasted as long as the human variety—we’ll get to meet her.

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