SALE ALERT – SOME GIRLS BITE ebook only $1.99!

In connection with the Tenth Anniversary of Chicagoland Vampires and SOME GIRLS BITE, you can grab the SGB ebook for only $1.99 at your favorite retailer!

Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Books-A-Million

If you only own the paperbacks, this is a great time to start an ebook collection of the CV books! 😀

xoxo, Chloe

2 thoughts on “SALE ALERT – SOME GIRLS BITE ebook only $1.99!

  • Très bon anniversaire à Merit et Ethan ! Et très bon anniversaire à Chloe et toute son équipe.

  • Love this series. It sucks you in and you want to follow. Great characters and story lines. You get so caught up that you want to help, kickass, throttle the enemy, cry, scream and cheer.

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