#SNEAKPEEK: Read the Prologue & First Chapter of The Bright & Breaking Sea!

I’m so thrilled to finally share a little bit of Captain Kit Brightling with you. You can now read the Prologue AND Chapter One of THE BRIGHT & BREAKING SEA!

There was a ribbon pinned to her coat, and a dagger in her hand. And as Captain Kit Brightling stared down at the little wooden box, there was a gleam in her gray eyes.

Two months of searching between the Saxon Isles and the Continent. Two months of sailing, of storms and sun, of crazed activity and mind-dulling monotony.

They hadn’t been sure what they’d find when the Diana set sail from New London—the seat of the Isles’ crown, named for the city rebuilt after the Great Fire’s destruction—only that they’d almost certainly find something…

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