Read the first chapter of A SWIFT AND SAVAGE TIDE!

I’m so excited to share the first chapter of A SWIFT AND SAVAGE TIDE, the second Captain Kit Brightling novel!

She despised aristocrats, save one: the damned viscount.

Colonel Rian Grant, Viscount Queenscliffe, looked more soldier than member of New London’s Beau Monde and was as honorable a man as she’d ever met.

She was no simpering miss herself, of course. Captain Kit Brightling was a member of the Queen’s Own Guards and—with Grant—a new inductee into the Order of Saint James. Joining the order was both honor—appreciation for their work on behalf of their home, the Saxon Isles—and obligation—assignment to the council of the queen’s closest advisers.

She and Grant had had one adventure together, uncovering a plot by Gerard to employ a magical warship. That adventure had featured one very good, and very dangerous, kiss. She hadn’t expected to see him again, which was fine. Kit had no need of a viscount.

But then she’d seen his face across the palace’s ballroom—

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