18 March 2013

The Reading List

The Reading List

Paranormal romance and urban fantasy recommendations from CV readers are posted below for your enjoyment and list-making. The line between urban fantasy and paranormal romance is pretty fuzzy, so I’ve done my best to categorize between the sub-genres.

Authors are listed alphabetically by first name. Links are generally to the first book in the series. Some authors may be in both categories. 

This list is continually updated, so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.  Asterisks indicate recently-added books. My books are in bold, because I want you to read them. 🙂

Urban Fantasy

This list includes historical, steampunk, vampires, ghosts, goblins, and other assorted paranormal things. Each book typically includes the same hero/heroine.

Paranormal Romance

Books in this list typically include a new heroine/hero/romance in each volume.
The Reading List

Romance/Urban Fantasy set in New Orleans / Louisiana

Chloe’s other favorite series

  • Diana Gabaldon, Outlander (Historical/time travel romance)
  • J.D. Robb, In Death (Police procedural/romantic suspense)
  • Justin Cronin, The Passage (Post-apocalyptic vampire)
  • Margaret Atwood, MaddAddam (Post-apocalyptic)*

Leave your suggestions in the comments.  Comments are moderated, so it may take 24 hours for your comment to appear. Also, so that I can keep track, I delete comments once I’ve added the suggestions to the list.



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23 thoughts on “The Reading List

  • There is a new author in paranormal that I think is deserving of your list. Her name is Marianne Maguire from the Legacy series.

  • This is a great list! I love it. Here are some you might look at adding, though I realize this is YOUR favorites list. 🙂

    A. A. Aguire’s Aparatus Infernum series
    Adrian Phoenix’s Hoodoo series (short-lived but good)
    Charlaine Harris’ Harper Connelly series
    Cherie Priests’s Maplecroft (just one book so far)
    Devon Monk’s House Immortal series and Broken Magic series (an extension of Allie)
    Gail Carriger’s new Custard Protocol series (Prudence as a new adult)
    Jennifer Ashley’s Stormwalker series
    Jocelynn Drake’s Asylum Tales series
    Kelley Armstrong’s Cainsville series
    Mark del Franco’s Laura Blackstone series (same world as Connor Grey, but just two books)
    Rachel Vincent’s new Wildcats series (spin-off of the Shifters series)

    Thanks for the list!

  • paranormal romance suggestions:
    Jordan Castillo Price, Psycop series
    Ally Blue, Bay City Investigators series
    Rick Gualtieri, Bill the Vampire series

  • Great recs. Definitely look into adding the Woman King series by Evette Davis. Steamy paranormal rom with a lot of complexity that deserves to be on this list!

    Always loved Kim Harrison and Chloe Neill but didn’t realize they’re considered Urban Fantasy until now 🙂

  • Christine Feehan-Carpathian series/Drake Sisters series/Ghost Walker series
    Kresley Cole-Immortals After Dark
    Robin Owens-Celta series/ Ghost Seer series
    Shelly Laurenston- Dragon Kin series
    Mary Janice Davidson-Betsy the Vampire Queen series
    Benedict Jacka-Alex Versus series
    Susan Sizemore-Prime series
    Lori Handeland-Night Creatures series
    CT Adams-Sazi series/Siren series
    Erin McCarthy- Vegas Vampire series

  • Some great stuff, but I would also add Ben Aaronovitch. His Rivers of London series is just outstanding.

  • Those are awesome suggestions – thanks! I’ve read several of them!
    Here are some other awesome series for Paranormal Romance:
    Dianne Duvall – Immortal Guardians Series, The Gifted Ones Series
    Tina Folsom – Scanguards Vampires Series, Out of Olympus Series, Stealth Guardians Series
    Bella Forrest – Shade of Vampire Series, Shade of Kiev Series, Beautiful Monster Series, Shade of Dragon Series
    Shannon Mayer with Denise Grover-Swank – The Blood Borne Series (This one is more Urban Fantasie)
    Alexandra Ivy with Carrie Ann Ryan – Branded Packs Series
    Heather Killough-Walden – Lost Angels Series, The Big Bad Wolf Series, The Kings Series (she has several awesome stand alone books too!)
    Lisa Olsen – Forged Bloodlines Series, The Fallen Series, The Company of Shadows Series, Wolves of Cutter Folly Series
    Carrie Ann Ryan – Dante’s Circle Series, Redwood Pack Series, Talon Pack Series

    I hope you have time to add some of these to your reading list! I would start with Heather Killough-Walden – everything she writes is awesome!!
    You rock too!!!!

  • These are great suggestions. I’ve read a lot but always looking for more!!
    Here’s one I didn’t see on the lists that I really liked.
    Nancy Holzner – Deadtown series.

  • Here’s one author I didn’t see (but I’ve found really fun):
    Debra Dunbar – Imp Series/ Templar series

    These would both be Urban Fantasy. 🙂

    • I had also typed up a recommendation for Debra’s books and was about to hit ‘post’ when I saw yours.
      So, I just thought I’d second your recommendation as I agree…they are really fun and I absolutely love them.

      Great books! 🙂

  • Under Paranormal Romance you list Larissa Ione’s Lords of Deliverance. You should add her Demonica books as they come before the LoD books and are the lead-in to them. The first Demonica book is Pleasure Unbound.

  • I love some of the other suggestions Luke several series by Devon Monk Elliot James but also PNR. Are Camino Springs series by Elizabeth Hunter. Several series by Rebecca Zanetti. Anne

  • Thank you for the list!
    I would recommend James A. Hunter’s Yancy Lazarus books. Sort of an early Jim Butcher vibe but grittier.
    Also you might try the Mick Oberon books by Ari Marmell about a Fae private eye in 1930s Chicago.

  • Urban fantasy
    Tanya Huff–Victoria Nelson series
    Wen Spencer–Elfhome series; Ukiah Oregon series; Black Wolves of Boston

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