6 January 2022

What Chloe’s Reading – 2022

Print and e-books I’ve finished in 2022:

  1. Shadow of the Silk Road, Colin Thubron
  2. In Siberia, Colin Thubron
  3. To a Mountain In Tibet, Colin Thubron
  4. Among the Russians, Colin Thubron
  5. The Lost Heart of Asia, Colin Thubron
  6. The Butchering Art, Lindsey Fitzharris
  7. China’s Golden Age: Everyday Life in the Tang Dynasty, Charles Benn
  8. Everyday Life in Early Imperial China, Michael Loewe
  9. The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina, Zoraida Córdova
  10. Stranger in the Shogun’s City: A Japanese Woman and Her World, Amy Stanley
  11. 1Q84, Haruki Murakami
  12. And Then There Were None, Agatha Christie
  13. Westside Lights, W.M. Akers
  14. The Story of Hong Gildong, Minsoo Kang
  15. Vagabonds!, Eloghosa Osunde
  16. The Perfectionists: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World, Simon Winchester
  17. Krakatoa, Simon Winchester
  18. Atlantic, Simon Winchester
  19. Quelling the Demons’ Revolt: A Novel from Ming China (Translations from the Asian Classics), Guanzhong Luo, Ellen B. Widmer, David Der-wei Wang, Patrick Hanan
  20. Little House on the Prairie, Laura Ingalls Wilder*
  21. Trigger Warning, Neil Gaiman
  22. A Bond Undone, Jin Yong
  23. River of the Gods, Candace Millard
  24. The Professor & The Madman, Simon Winchester
  25. The Mirror & The Light, Hilary Mantel
  26. Vanilla: Travels in Search of the Ice Cream Orchid, Tim Ecott
  27. Consider the Fork: A History of How We Cook and Eat, Bee Wilson
  28. The Cooking Gene, Michael Twitty
  29. Norse Mythology, Neil Gaiman
  30. On the Banks of Plum Creek, Laura Ingalls Wilder*
  31. By the Shores of Silver Lake, Laura Ingalls Wilder*
  32. Empress Dowager Cixi, Jung Chang
  33. The Long Winter, Laura Ingalls Wilder*
  34. Little Town on the Prairie, Laura Ingalls Wilder*
  35. These Happy Golden Years, Laura Ingalls Wilder*
  36. The First Four Years, Laura Ingalls Wilder*
  37. On The Way Home, Laura Ingalls Wilder*
  38. Heartbreaker, Sarah MacLean
  39. An Unexpected Peril, Deanna Raybourne
  40. How To Be a Tudor: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Tudor Life, Ruth Goodman
  41. Victorian London: The Life of a City 1840-1870 (Life of London Book 4), Liza Picard
  42. Shadowlands: A Journey Through Britain’s Lost Cities and Vanished Villages, Matthew Green
  43. Ask A Historian: 50 Surprising Answers to Things You Always Wanted to Know, Greg Jenner
  44. Water Margin: Outlaws of the Marsh (Tuttle Classics), Shi Naian
  45. I Contain Multitudes, Ed Yong
  46. An Immense World, Ed Young
  47. Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years, Elizabeth Wayland Barber
  48. Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know, Karl Shaw
  49. An Atlas of Extinct Countries, Defoe Gideon
  50. A Million Years a Day, Greg Jenner
  51. How To Be a Tudor, Ruth Goodman
  52. Elizabeth’s London, Liza Picard
  53. A Snake Lies Waiting, Jin Yong (Condor Heroes 3)
  54. The Tale of Genji, Murasaki Shikibu

* First reread since I was a kid, and yikes! Beware of unveiled racism.

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