Great post on YA/MG writing

Lucienne Diver posted a great blog yesterday on writing for the young adult and middle grade markets… Now, at the Willamette Writers Conference, I heard more young adult and middlegrade pitches than ever before. I sincerely hope this is because these arethe stories calling to the writers and not that they’ve decided to jump into[…]

New swag and sweet contest!

To celebrate the completion of FIRESPELL, the first novel in my new YA Dark Elite series, I’ve put a few early items into the Official Dark Elite Store. Check them out! And while you’re there, check out the Official Chicagoland Vampires Store! Mousepads, totebags, stickers, magnets, SIGG bottles, steins and more! I’m guest blogging over[…]

Guest Blog: Lucienne Diver

I’ve asked newly-released author Lucienne Diver to give us some thoughts on moving from literary agent to published author.  The author of VAMPED give us some insights . . . Take it away, Lucienne! * * * *  The Stages of Disbelief – from Submission to Publication This probably differs for every author, but I[…]

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